18 Traditional Deck Designs for Gorgeous House Retreat

An outdoor deck is a great place to create a retreat spot. Traditional deck designs provide elegant spots for relaxing. There are many ways to decorate them. You can add chairs and a table, a sofa set, or even a Jacuzzi tub.

To create a traditional look, you can add decorative elements such as a wooden table, iron-framed furniture, rustic bricks, and rugs. Pour elements from your home interior to the deck, but with more personal touch. Here are 18 great ideas to try.

⦁ Farmhouse-style traditional deck

farmhouse traditional deck
source: suzannehuntantarchitect

This farmhouse-style deck is aimed for a family gathering. Chairs and bright pillows surround a long square table. A long sofa is put on the side as additional seating space.

⦁ Spacious Deck with Sofa Set

cool deck backyard
source: olegklodt

Spacious wooden deck with a sofa set is perfect for a family home. The deck becomes a place for a long sofa, several individual chairs, and coffee table. Two large trees are kept nearby to provide natural touch.

⦁ Outdoor deck with corner sofa

Outdoor deck with corner sofa
source: klconstr

Make use of small deck space by installing a corner sofa. This deck has two wooden benches on the corner. White cushions, colorful pillows, coffee table, and umbrella make them more comfortable.

⦁ Wood-and-blue deck

wood and blue deck
source: carpentermacneille

Blue cushion, pillows, and coffee table look great on a traditional wooden deck. You can turn a wooden chest into a bench, creating extra storage space.

⦁ Outdoor Jacuzzi Deck

Jacuzi Outdoor Deck
source: outdoormi

Jacuzzi and fireplace make your deck look elegant. Dark wooden panels and rustic bricks create an elegant retreat. A modern fireplace surrounded by rustic bricks provide additional warmth.

⦁ Spanish-style private deck

spanish private deck
source: alberto-garcia

Love private deck but hate enclosed space? This Spanish-style private deck is the solution. It is adorned with ferns, mini banana trees, and succulents. Wooden furniture and floor create a laidback atmosphere.

⦁ Traditional country deck

traditional countery deck
source: hermlephoto

This country deck faces a lawn and trees, giving a relaxing rural vibe. The deck is simple, with wooden floor and white fences. Wicker furniture with cushions and flower pots create a homey appearance.

⦁ Luxurious balcony deck

luxury balcony deck
source: susanpickering

This two-story house has a semi-opened deck for dining and socializing. The furniture is paired with traditional lighting fixtures and ceiling fan. Area rugs separate the dining and socializing areas.

⦁ Narrow, elongated deck

narrow deck
source: bo-laget

Create an “elongated” deck to provide more space. This deck is narrow but manages to accommodate a table, two chairs, umbrella, sofa, and flower pots. Perfect for a house with a limited lot.

⦁ Raised wooden deck for dining area

Raised wooden deck for dining area
source: fbconstruction

A raised wooden deck is a great place to create a dining area. A table with several chairs become the focal point, while a long rack serves as storage space. Open-style deck surrounded by trees is a great place to eat, relax, and talk.

⦁ French home deck

french home deck
source: architectplus

A French country deck combines comfort with elegance. This semi-open deck has a white ceiling, with a fireplace surrounded by rustic bricks. White sofas and wooden coffee table are paired with a modern dining table.

⦁ Hilltop pavilion deck

hilltop pavilion deck
source: ilumus

This pavilion deck is ideal for a hilltop house. The deck faces the beautiful view, and the L-shape accommodates the terrain. Long benches, table with fire pit, and floor pillows are great for outdoor night-out.

⦁ Simple backyard deck

simple backyard deck
source: earthandsole

Even a small backyard is ideal for a deck. This corner deck uses a raised wooden platform. A simple table with several chairs and floor umbrella create a cozy nook.

⦁ Riverside brick house deck

riverside deck
source: carolinebeaupere

A riverside brick house is an ideal spot for a wooden deck. Wooden furniture with a slightly washed surface creates a cozy look. This deck is adorned with mini trees and flowers for a more natural look.

⦁ Backyard deck with jacuzzi

backyard deck with jacuzzi
source: ilumus

This backyard deck has two sections, one for the seating area, and one for the jacuzzi tub. The sections were separated with a stair for more “privacy.” Wooden flower planters adorn the tub for a more elegant look.

⦁ Traditional camp-out deck

traditional deck
source: batonrouge

This backyard deck has a camp-out look. The wooden deck accommodates a dining table, with extra chairs and benches in smaller nooks. A stone bench separates these areas.

⦁ Traditional beachside deck

traditional beachside deck
source: ricjphotography

This beachside deck uses the minimalist background to emphasize the colorful furniture and carpet. Half of the deck is open, offering great view toward the beach.

⦁ Balcony Deck in a City Apartment

Balcony Deck in a City Apartment
source: carpentermacneille

This balcony deck is perfect for an urban apartment. The wooden floor was chosen to create a contrast with the red brick wall. Make use of the small space with minimum decoration like a wooden table, two chairs, and planters.

These traditional deck designs will add great relaxing spaces in your home. And if you still need more ideas about deck, you can check other ideas here: small deck ideas.

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