Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas: from Common to Gorgeous

The bathroom is the most personal space after a bedroom, so you must make it pretty and comfortable, even if it is tiny. Small bathroom makeovers don’t need to be expensive, especially if your budget is limited. Learn how you can transform a tiny, ordinary bathroom into a beautiful personal refuge.

Tips to Create Design Ideas

Before starting a renovation job, you must have a clear design concept for the new bathroom look. Focus not only on the visual aspect but also comfort and space. Here are several aspects to include in your designing process:

  • The base color


Renovating a small bathroom may mean changing the color scheme. You can pick any colors you love, but it is best to pick a light color as the “base.” Light colors make small bathrooms look wider and brighter. Besides white, you can choose colors such as light grey, pastel pink, or ivory.

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  • The accent colors


Once you find the perfect base color, choose something brighter or darker as the accents. You can choose colors that relate to water or earth, such as sky blue, turquoise, lime green, or sandy brown. These accent colors can also come as patterns, such as on the floor or wall tiles.

  • The floor-saving plan

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A small bathroom needs floor-saving plan to give you extra space. This means removing as many obstacles as possible. You can achieve this by picking bathroom features that do not take much floor space, such as a wall-mounted towel rack or floating sink. Make sure your bathroom floor only accommodates the main features, such as shower space, sink, and toilet.

  • The unconventional storage

Unconventional storage space is important for a small bathroom, especially if you must store many kinds of stuff. Storage fixtures such as hanging racks, wall shelves, or floating cabinet are perfect to save space in a small bathroom. You can also utilize the corner space by installing corner shelves.


You can focus on a specific theme such as minimalist, traditional, or eclectic, but you must consider these design aspects. Make sure your new bathroom is comfortable, regardless of size.

How to Create Elegant Bathroom Features

After planning the main design aspects of the bathroom, make sure you create an elegant look. There are several ways you can create an elegant small bathroom, such as:

  • Use lighter color schemes

While you may use darker colors as accents in a small bathroom, these colors should still be in “light” spectrum. For example, instead of dark green or blue, you may want to choose turquoise green or sky blue.

  • Go easy on patterns

Patterns can make a bathroom “pops,” but too many patterns will feel oppressive. If you want to adorn a small bathroom, don’t go overboard with patterns. You can choose marble tiles with natural patterns, or accent tiles with light patterns. You can also create natural patterns by installing pebbles or subway tiles as walls, for example.

  • Use more glass elements

If you need to install a cabinet or closet with a door in your bathroom, choose the glass version. It will improve visibility and reduce oppressive feeling. Glass also gives modern and elegant feeling to the bathroom.

  • Choose sleeker bathroom features

“Sleek” is one of the keywords of modern design, and you can use it for your advantages. Choose the sleeker versions of shower heads, sinks, and wall fixtures. Not only modern, but they also take up less space. For example, you can install a shower head that comes out right from the wall, or floating sink instead of pedestal-type.

  • Use straightforward decoration

If you want to add decoration to your bathroom, do it straightforwardly. Place a potted plant on the corner or one framed artwork on the wall, for example. It will be visible in a small bathroom, enough to give it character.

  • Play with light

Light is important in a bathroom, but you can improve a small bathroom with the right lighting fixtures. Don’t hesitate to install new lighting fixtures to accentuate the best parts in the bathroom and brighten dark corners. For example, you can install a wall/pendant lamp near the sink, and another one above the shower stall. Use softer light for the bathroom.

Having a small bathroom does not mean that you cannot get creative with the design. With the right design for small bathroom makeovers, you can get a comfortable bathroom with elegant and trendy style.

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