8 Great Small Bathrooms That You Will Swoon Over

The bathroom is a vital part of your house. It is the space where you clean up yourself and de-stress after a tiring day. In case you reside in a tiny house, take a gander at these great small bathrooms.

There are various design styles for pocket-size bathrooms such as industrial, minimalist, modern, and classic. In this article, I also provide you with some tricks to make your bathroom appear bigger.

1. Frameless Shower Door Is Your Best Friend

As the image shows, this tiny bathroom feels open, thanks to the frameless glass shower door. Meanwhile, white subway tiled-walls carve a clean look.

The black accents bring drama to the space. Moreover, the gray patterned tiles give the room a focal point. The untreated wood vanity and potted plant carry the elements of nature to the interior.

2. An Outdoorsy Retreat

Are you working with a compact footprint? It is no worries. Steal this idea. Here, the wood-like subway tiles and river-rock shower floor exude an outdoorsy atmosphere.

The corner bench offers safety and comfort without taking up a lot of space. A window keeps the space from being dingy. Lastly, the black metal shower fittings lend the bathroom some vintage appeal.

3. Full of Personality

Concrete ceiling, floor, and walls stamp industrial style. The copper details infuse a glamorous air into the bathroom.

Furthermore, Spanish shower tiles steal the show without overwhelming the space. The floating vanity and open shelves generate a light feel.

4. Rustic but Terrific

The cream shiplap walls, light fixtures, trough sink, and rug develop a country look. Meanwhile, stone tiles, reclaimed wood ceiling, round mirror, and floating shelf evoke a rustic vibe.

A large window allows the sunlight to brighten the bathroom. The sunflowers in a glass jug liven up the area in a second.

5. Cute Shower Niches

If your space is limited, cover the walls of the bathroom with white subway tiles. They make the bathing space seem more spacious than it is.

The shower niches display beauty essentials. In addition, black hexagonal tiles lend the bathroom a bit of drama.

6. A True Personal Oasis

The window and plenty of white prevent the tiny bathroom from feeling cramped. Towel bars and open shelves keep things within arm’s reach.

Moreover, wood-look tiles evoke a rustic modern vibe. Lastly, wood stump and potted houseplants bring the outdoors inside. What a ravishing bathroom!

7. The Minimalist Aesthetic

Less is always more. This formula definitely works for your tiny bathroom. Here, the space is only outfitted with a freestanding white bathtub and shower fittings.

Pale gray walls and windows send out an airy atmosphere. Two potted indoor plants on the windowsill naturally add a pop of color to the otherwise plain space.

8. Get Closer to Nature

This bathroom has a simple design. However, it looks alive and relaxing because of the greenery. It does not only purify the air but also injects a nature-inspired texture into the bathroom.

The dark wood floor and chair imbue the space with unparalleled warmth. They are also such a welcomed contrast to the white tub, rug, and walls.


Just because your bathroom is compact, does not mean you can overlook it. If you design it tastefully, it will be a functional and chic retreat. So, which one of those great small bathrooms you love the most?

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