6 Creative Sliding Closet Door Design Ideas

Bedrooms are all about customization, but you can look further than the soft furnishings when you’re looking at making it all your own.  You can, instead, enjoy the fun of looking at closet ideas for bedroom design that are going to really freshen up the spot that you’ve got available to you.

Whether you thought that you were going to be looking at this kind of design long term or not, you will be able to do a lot with it. All that you need to do is take a look at how you can actually make sliding closet door options fresh and unique.  There’s a lot more waiting for you than you think.

Mirrored Wooden Door

It is a great example of how to use a large doorframe that is taken from an older, beautiful design. It is also a unique and classic design that you can easily mix and match with any other theme. You will create a brand new design when you install an additional mirror to the door part and apply it to the slider.

That brand new design is going to offer excitement and comfort to complement the older, original style. This mirrored wooden door will be a different piece of your closet that stands out the most.

You can find this basic and simple sliding door for your closet. It combines a pretty mirror with a bar slider that can glide back and forth. It offers the comfort of use and easy access. It will be a fantastic idea if you like rustic meets modern design choices, which are so trendy right now.

Thorougly Modern

If you are the kind of person who wants to have a modern and basic design of sliding doors, so this inspiration will help you a lot. You can see from the image that the texture works great in the wall scheme. When you place a couch in front of the door, you give a little perfect touch to the design.

This idea is a fresh taste that you can adapt to in the room. Do not forget to choose neutral colors for the wall and the couch to keep it basic.

Double Sliders

This repurposed and repainted double door choice offers you a way to keep the footprint of the door small. At the same time, you can also use the space with a grand double door that can be one of the focus points of the room.

Choose bright paint that goes along with the wall surrounding it. Do not be afraid to show your personality through bright colors.

White Sliding Doors

source: realslidingharware.com

This is a modern and fresh sliding door, which offers you easy options for storing your things. It can be a fantastic linen closet. It is a good idea for making the most out of a tiny space you have.

It is an example of fresh paint that meets classic design. To give a little bit of contrast to the white door, you can create black bars.

Classic Bifold Mirrored Doors

source: jacekpartyka.com

The existence of a bifold-mirrored door from a long time ago until now happens for some reason. You can create a little bit of new design. You can refresh the doors with smooth backings. It will give you access to enjoy the light reflection since it will not change the whole footprint.

You can also show off the best feature of this bifold mirrored doors by putting the mirrors in place. White frames are great to make the doors look neat and classic.

So, which sliding closet door design ideas fit your room best? We hope that this article gives you some insights into how you will decorate the closet with the right ideas of sliding doors. Happy decorating!

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