24 Simple Apartment Decoration You Can Steal

Simple Changes and Ways to Decorate Apartments

Putting together a look and feel is hard because it’s so personal.  But, it doesn’t have to be hard if you know where you are going to look and how you want it to feel.  Get the right kind of inspiration for making your apartment look its best.  You’ll be able to draw a lot from the ideas and suggestions that you’ll find here so that creating your dream look and feel is going to be much easier than you thought.  The key to remember with all of this is to keep the apartment decor ideas easy and fun so that you can make them into whatever you want to see.

Give your walls a splash of paint

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When it comes to your walls, you have to take a look at how you can make them your own.  No, seriously.  Even when you’re renting, landlords will allow you to paint walls assuming you ask their permission first.  Simple apartment decor starts right away with this idea right here.  Pick colours that make you feel at home such as warm rich hues, or bright and vibrant ones if that’s more your style.  Have fun with this step in the process!

Try using unusual ornaments

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From backsplash tiles to vinyl floor tiles, you can create some great wall decor out of unusual spots.  Go ahead and change things up by taking traditional apartment decor ideas and turning them on their head. In our day and age, this has been done in all sorts of ways, so you’ll be able to get some great tips and advice on how to do it if you want to find them online.

The thing to remember is that it needs to feel like something you would create, so don’t do it because it looks nice – do it because it’s going to make it feel like your own space.

Change up the curtains and shower curtain

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Whether you need to upgrade the shower curtain to one that is more casual, or you’re looking at finding one that is vibrant and young, this is a great way to change up the space that your’e in.  Remember that simple apartment decor can be as easy as changing up the shower curtain amongst other things.

Traditional curtains are another thing to freshen up.  Add bright colours or heavier feels and it’ll instantly transform the space perfectly.  Curtains are also great for adding a certain softness to the spot that you’re in, so consider it seriously to make sure that you can get the right design going in your apartment decor ideas.

Switch out the handles

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In you kitchen and bathroom, you can make your space your own more by switching out the standard handles for new ones that are going to feel more realistic and authentic to the room.  They don’t need to be anything too bright if you don’t want it, but the thing here is to change it up so that you can enjoy the right change and how something as simple as that can transform your space into a completely new one.  Have fun picking them out, and consider matching them all up, or deliberately mismatching them instead.

Add lots of photos

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Personal photos that are out on on display is where you are going to find that your space transforms for the better.  Apartment interior design can be really fun when you fill the walls and surfaces with personal photos.  Try collages or single frames, or any combination of those ideas that you like.  The point is to have fun with the ideas and options and enjoy the fun and personalization that it is going to encourage in you.

With your photos, you can look at even choosing an accent wall where you would create a giant collage of all of your family photos.  It’s a modern design that is really popular right now for all of the best reasons.

Mix odds and ends

The thing about apartment interior design is that there are so many ideas, and so little time to actually put them into place.  If you’re looking to take a crack at making sure that you make it totally your own, one of the best ways to do that is to throw away the plan and simply have fun filling the place with random things and elements.  It’ll all work together because it’s not meant to look “just so”, it’s meant to be you and your tastes.  Try putting paintings together and decor elements such as non matching furniture.  It’s all about personalization.

Try upcycling or repurposing furniture


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Repurposing and upcycling is a great way to infuse character into a spot and also make sure that you have a way to do your part in helping reuse things in the world.  You can get great finds at garage sales, and just by reupholstering them and changing the stain or the colour of the furniture, you’ll be able to refresh an old piece and make it fun and unique from anything else out there on the market.

Clean white lines

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This shows you how matching chairs can really transform something into professional decor options.  While some may not be fond of the idea at first, you can take a look at how it really makes the  space come together in a really memorable way.  It’ll convince you that it’s, in fact, a great idea to consider when you want to make a dining set.  Whether they matched originally, or not, this is an impressive set of of chairs.

source: decorartion.com

Monotone (IMAGE NINE)

While making things stand out is great, sometimes relying on more traditional matching tones is great too, especially if you want a put-together kind of decor scheme.  This is an example of how the creator of this space wanted a professional look and feel and got it by making it all come together in similar shades of beige.  These hues are all warm and memorable so that those who use the space can feel comforted and in a place that is well designed.

The thing to remember is that monotone means good things in this situation, not bad.  It’s all about the aesthetic that you are looking to create for your home.  So, enjoy all that you can in your available space and have fun making it your very own spot to decorate and customize to your heart’s content.  It’s much more addictive than you’d think, so get ready for the ideas to flood in!

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