15+ Luxurious Nursery Room Design You’ll Love

Picking a colour for a nursery can be a lot of work, so when you are looking to design it, you will probably stick with the idea of pink or blue.

These are traditional options – and great ones without a doubt – but there are a lot of other options out there, too that are going to be able to offer just as much originality so that you can get hold of and harness into a room.

It’ll help you make your way towards the idea of transforming your space and making it fresh and modern and unique for your sweet baby on the way.

Here are 18 great nursery room ideas in gray and pink.  Even if you didn’t think that these two colours could go together initially, we’ll show you just how refreshing they can be when paired perfectly in the right environment.

Pink and Grey Nursery

Combining pink and grey is a job that’s not too laborious, and the numerous shades of each colours assist you to delve into all kinds of themes and kinds. From the easy and unassuming fashionable nursery with female aptitude to people who embrace shabby stylish panache, grey and pink nurseries appear each stylish and comforting. All you might want to get it proper is the stability and the mix of those two fashionable colours.

Pops of Pink

Maybe you aren’t a massive fan of pink, and that’s okay!  When you look at this option featuring a deep gray base with small pops of pink everywhere, you can see just how sweet this ensemble looks together.  These two blend together perfectly, creating a matching style while also making sure that they contracts in a thoroughly modern way.  You can use the pops of pink in bedding, curtains, stuffies, or in wall decals.  Are you feeling a little adventurous?  Consider the option of an accent wall where you contrast pink and gray in stripes.

soft pink and gray nursery

You’ll be able to also make sure that you can adapt this room as the need arises, whether it’s another baby or as your child grows up and wants to change the colour scheme as they age.  This is a fantastic and cost-effective way to really make the most out of an easy colour scheme idea.  The best part is picking out all of the “pop” accessories.

restoration hardware pink gray nursery

pink teal gray nursery

A Sensible Mix of Grey and Pink

pink orange and gray nursery

Not sure how exactly you are looking to blend gray and pink in a room in terms of colour scheme?  That’s okay, we’ll be happy to help you out with a few ideas.  Firstly, you need to look at the option of whether you want to use gray as the base and pink as the accent colour, or vice versa.  Gray and pink nurseries can go both ways, the key is to make sure that you make the right decision.

If you’re hoping to transition the room into something else later on in life, you are going to want to try the gray base with pink accents.  If you know that you’ll keep it a girl’s bedroom, go ahead and use the pink as the base and accent it with gray.

As well, don’t be afraid to explore the bright shades of pink or varying shade of gray – find a combination that works for what you’re looking for!

pink grey white nursery bedding

pink grey white nursery

Discovering the Proper Type

pink grey turquoise nursery

If you are someone who’s focused on keeping colours traditional and you aren’t sure how you feel about the idea of pink and gray together, you should know that pink and gray are actually popular all over the world, they are even the most used colours in girl’s nurseries, though it may be strange to hear it.

These were used throughout the times as the popular go-to colour choice, so you don’t have to worry about the combination being modern.  If you want to keep it totally traditional, make sure you choose the perfect lighting sources to help you get the best pop of pink, and the gray will serve as a wonderful backdrop of sorts.

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pink grey teal nursery

7 Superior Pink Nursery Concepts for Your Child Ladies

Creating that excellent nursery in your baby may be essentially the most difficult and satisfying job of all of them in the case of adorning your property. In case you are anticipating a child lady, then you definately would possibly already be caught with a world of selections starting from the crib design to the colour of the room. Shaping a nursery that’s each secure and stimulating requires each planning and creativity. Whereas there are many coloration selections on provide, pink appears to be absolutely the perennial favourite amongst nursery designs for ladies.

A World of Pink

pink grey striped nursery

As if you need another thing to worry, the colour of the nursery that you choose is actually really important to your baby’s mood.  Babies need diverse environment with patterns and bright colours to entertain them.  This is another reason why gray with pink is a fantastic option: it gives patterns and fun bright colours to get their attention, etc.

If you want a way to offset the gray and pink, consider a bright white ceiling with some sort of  pattern option, and fill the room with bright, ambient lighting.  This will finish off the entire look for a great creation in terms of the room’s scheme, and it will also impress your baby and give them a stimulating but soothing room.

pink grey nursery rug

Pink may be added to the ladies’ nursery it doesn’t matter what the theme or type of the room. Wall decals that depict lovely butterflies, a stunning rainbow or nature-centric designs will add pleasure to this stylish nursery. Don’t forget so as to add soothing ambient lighting, and be sure to give the ceiling much more consideration than normal.

pink grey nursery pinterest

Some mixture of white coloration gives the look of calm and peace. Consultants have acknowledged that the white coloration is kind of instrumental in presenting a sense of peace within the soul.

pink grey nursery letters

Adaptable and Up to date

Briefly mentioned already, you’ll be able to make sure that the nursery looks adorable in the moment, and also makes sure that you can still put some focus into adapting it without being too hard to change it up.  You simply take the pink accent and transform into a different kind of room such as an office or a storage room, it’s easily changed up with no need for a lot of wastage or even buying new things.  Easy.  As well as the child ages, you can use the same room, and the gray will grow along with the child, you just need to change a few of the accessories to older style ones and maybe throw in a few more colours.

pink grey nursery ideas

As well, while a pink and gray nursery is definitely traditional when you make it appear so, you can also easily transform this into a modern look with the bright pops of fucshia or reds or corals, you can really create a modern girl-themed space that is modern and fresh and fun.  You can even switch back and forth between traditional and modern until you find the overall look that you enjoy the most.

pink grey nursery fabric

pink grey nursery decor

Plan It to Perfection!

Make sure you that you take your time and plan out your space carefully.  With smaller nurseries, go for the softer colours, and with bigger ones, you can enjoy the bold and modern options.  These are all interchangeable depending on what you’re looking for, of course, but the main thing is to always focus on making sure that you take your time and decide carefully for the best results.

pink grey nursery curtains

pink grey nursery art

pink grey nursery accessories

pink grey nursery

[Extra] 15 Gray Nursery Room Designs

As you can see, there is a lot of amazing things that you can do with gray and pink.  Gray is an incredible colour often is considered to be dark one.  The thing is, you just need to pair it with a warm contrast like pink or yellow.  It’s a great idea in terms of versatility so that you can always change it up to make sure that you get the look that you’re going for.  Changing it from a infant’s nursery to a serious teenager’s study is as simple as changing it up with a few accessories and making sure that the right amount of time is dedicated to picking the right colour scheme again.

You’ll be able to do so much with the incredible power of gray and it’ll help you to truly understand just how influential accents can be in order to create the right kind of space.  If you’re hoping to be able to make the right kind of impression in your nursery but don’t know quite where to start, that’s okay!  We’ve combined 15 options here so that you are going to be able to really appreciate how it all comes together.  It’s easier than you think!

pink grey navy nursery

pink grey mint nursery

pink grey green nursery

pink grey gold nursery

pink grey chevron nursery

pink grey blue nursery

pink grey baby nursery

pink grey aqua nursery

pink green and gray nursery ideas

pink gray yellow nursery

pink gray white nursery

pink gray nursery rug

pink gray nursery ideas

pink gray nursery decor

pink gray nursery bedding


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