9 Gorgeous Picket Pallet Bar Ideas to Enjoy Entertaining at Home

Going to a cafe seems too expensive and taking much effort. Therefore, it sounds good to build a picket pallet bar in your home, right? Amazingly, wooden pallets can be built into various bar designs. Pallets and crates cost nothing since you can upcycle from the old ones.

Do you want to start doing this amazing project? Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, we present nine fabulous picket pallet bar ideas for inspiration. Check them out!

Pure Wooden Pallet Bar

wood pallet outdoor bar
supply: stikwood.com

Stick-wood has been used in this basic pallet bar. The bar has a simple flawless design. It features a black wooden plank as the countertop. A bold shade of this bar contrasts with the lighter shade of ceiling and flooring.

Porch Pallet Bar with Internal Shelves

used pallet bar
supply: etsy.com

Here is a dark brown pallet bar that can be used for outdoor parties. This cheap bar is simply customizable for any occasion. It has a serving counter and two shelves inside. Its sleek design can be a focal point at the surroundings.

L-Shape Pallet Bar

upcycled pallet bar
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Wooden pallets with natural shade can be transformed into a multifunctional picket bar. This includes a large top to serve any drinks and likewise keeps things. As you see, it has a simple rustic design. It just needs less effort to build this L-shape pallet bar.

Pallet Tiki Bar

plans for a pallet bar
supply: 1001pallets.com

Pallet tiki bar has a C-shaped design to help serving guests from each side. This tiki bar is featured with pergola-like roofing, storage shelves, and charming lights design.

The pallet bar works best for celebrations on a lakefront. It is installed with string lights that supply outdoor lighting. Feel a dramatic ambiance from its warm light.

DIY Wall-Mounted Pallet Bar

pics of a pallet bar
supply: diycraftsy.com

You can use free space in your nook to build this wall-mounted bar. Transform the nook by simply attaching the pallet bar and adding wooden stools. Get ready to enjoy your favorite beverage quickly.

Gray Pallet Bar with Decorative Tiles

pallet wrecking bar uk
supply: 101palletideas.com

This stunning pallet bar is painted with a gray hue. Its unique design is built by attaching two pallet boards on a flat picket. The countertop is accentuated with colorful ceramic tiles. What a surprising bar counter it is!

Glow in the Dark Pallet Bar

pallet wine bar landmark
supply: pinterest.com

Here is a well-lit pallet bar that is designed for nighttime gathering. Additional lamps inside provide a safe and comfortable spot to do some activities at night. Also, its warm lighting offers romantic illumination.

Ourdoor Pallet Bar

pallet wall under bar
supply: tumblr.com

Stained pallets are used to build this celebration bar with a shiny wooden countertop. There is an internal space to serve food and beverages. This dark wooden bar brings coziness, whereas the greenery emphasizes its presence.

Decorate with pretty lanterns and word art frames to make this pallet bar become a centerpiece of your party. Likewise, there is lovely decor at the front part to enhance a festive look.

Bar Store with String Lights

pallet reclamation bar
supply: unknown

From this picture, you can find an example of a great bar store that is built with wooden straw mats and pallets. Additional roof and counter bar are decorated with string lights.

Some customized artworks are displayed to give visual appealing. In the evening, those colorful lights create a great pleasure of the silhouette pallet bar.

With those superior picket pallet bar ideas, we expect that you can easily achieve your goal of building a personal bar.

Picket Pallet Bar Ideas

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