25+ Gorgeous Picket Pallet Bar DIY Ideas for Your Home!

The newest trend is upcycling, which is when you take something old, refresh it, and use it for  a whole new purpose to give it a new life. This is especially popular in home design, and one of the freshest options that is still working on making a presence is pallets.

These are typically free, can vary in sizes, and, when cleaned up properly and used with a plan in mind, you’ll be able to make a lot of use out of it. One of the most popular way is scanning through these picket pallet bar ideas and finding out which of these strikes your fancy the most.

1. Purple Insignia Bar Design:

wooden pallet garden bar
sourceL 101palletideas.com

Using a selection of pallets to design a simple bar with a ledge on top for serving, this can be customized to your team’s colours so that it is the perfect option for supporting them publicly.  You can even put their insignia on the front of it to complete the design.

2. Dark Classic Design:

wood pallet outdoor bar
supply: stikwood.com

Gorgeous, subtle, sweet and all things homey, is a great picket bar that is using natural wood grains in contrast with each other to keep it comfortable and generic in its colours.  Perfect for combining with countertop as this design has and pulling up a few barstools, there’s something for everyone.

3. Hidden Pallet Bar:

wood pallet bar with lights
supply: etsy.com

Highlighted with fairy lights, this small picket pallet bar with a roof is ideal for for keeping your alcohol out of sight when you are simply enjoying the space for your regular living requirements, whatever they may turn out to be.  This is sweet and simple with the perfect amount of rustic charm.

4. Classic Porch Bar:

used pallet bar
supply: etsy.com

If you are someone who enjoys entertaining, you’ll like this picket pallet bar garden design.  It’s got a refreshing twist on the rougher options, as this one is sleek and intended to match its surroundings.  It’s got internal shelving and a serving counter to keep it working exactly as needed. You can get more DIY project ideas here: MyHomeImprov

5. Minimal Design Picket Bar:

upcycled pallet bar
supply: –

Fresh, light and all about making sure that it’s used how you need it to be, this bar is all about keeping use flexible.  Whether it’s a spot for storing things, or simply serving drinks to guests, this is going to be able to match adapt to your needs as quickly as you’d expect.

6. Light Up Pallet Bar:

unitized pallet bar coding
supply: unknown

How great is this?  A fresh twist on a classic stacked pallet design that is really unique in its well-lit interior.  A great option to show off your finest drinks and brands, this can be for serving or simply displaying, like this example has done.  This requires minimal work, as you can see from its rustic and simplistic design, but it’s all things fun and bright. Great for when you want something just a little bit different.

7. Branding Outside Bar:

recycled pallet outdoor bar
supply; Pinterest

If you have a small business or you simply want to add some fun to your serving experience, a simple design like this can allow you plenty of space to show off a professional brand tag.  You can see with this design that it is careful not to take over the pallet bar so that it is too over the top.

8. Professional Bar:

plans for a pallet bar
supply: 1001pallets.com

One look at this pallet bar and you’ll be able to see that it’s all about keeping it sleek and top of the line.  It’s a neat, well-lit option if you are interested in taking the time to do some work to get it looking that way. You’ll love it if you’re on a lakefront or somewhere else that it is going to come in handy.  You just need to focus on making sure all of the proper elements come together for it.

9. Wall-based Bar:

pics of a pallet bar
supply: diycraftsy.com

Adorable fun, and allowing you to put your own twist on the style, this is a great little bar that uses pallets to design each part of it.  The thing is, it’s totally your own design and can be used for a drink, a breakfast nook, or anything else. This is the ultimate option for upcycling and still staying unique, so consider it if you think you can take on the challenge.

10. Back to Basics Bar Pallet:

pallets bartataria
supply: craftyincrosby.com

For those that are simply looking to keep everything basic and simple, like it’s intended, you can simply stick a counter top on top of two pallets and call it a day.  This is especially good for those spaces outside where you don’t want to use a lot of your room for a complicates design. There’s still plenty of space to fill your needs, but it’s done on your own design plan.

11.Grey and Glass Pallet Bar:

pallet wrecking bar uk
supply: 101palletideas.com

A fresh take on the simple bar above, this makes it a little more unique in that it uses a mosaic counter top to bring out the grey of the paint on the pallets themselves.  This is ideal for making sure that you put your work and effort to good use and still have something simple.

12. Basic Cheap Bar:

pallet wrecking bar
supply: woodpalletfurniture.com

This has a high gloss finish to make it look fancy, but otherwise you can see it’s as simple as you’re going to find for a pallet bar.  This is great for outside entertaining where you want to have everything handy and nothing extra or frilly getting in the way of that.

13. Night Time Bar:

pallet wine bar landmark
supply: pinterest.com

With effective lighting put in just the right spot, this is perfect for those who enjoy entertaining at night and want a comfortable and safe space to do it.  The pallets are kept simple and minimal in design, but it’s all made the better with the warm lighting that will make sure both customer and bartender can see what they’re doing.

14. Slogan Bar:

pallet wall under bar
supply: tumblr.com

This gorgeous option is using rich paint, a banner, and the perfect simple design to make it the centre piece during a party and event.  This is ideal for an easy way to dress it up while still staying minimalistic in the pallet bar design itself.

15. Calmly Pallet Bar

pallet t bar
supply: stackeddesign.blogspot.fr

The silhouette of this bar and chairs are astonishing, a refined and stylish pallet bar design undoubtedly price following.

16. Easy ‘n Luxurious Pallet Bar

pallet repair bar
supply: pinterest.com

17. Dwelling Grass Pallet Bar

pallet reclamation bar from cargo cycles of norwich
supply: pinterest.com

18. Silhoutte Pallet Bar

pallet reclamation bar
supply: unknown

All bars should be illuminated in a particular means, discover your personal stability!

19. Gray Pallet Bar (2)

pallet reclaim bar
supply: 101palletideas.com

That is what it is advisable add to your porch, poolside or to a patio space, a implausible gray painted picket bar manufactured from pallets and having all fancy and creative spherical edges and boundary traces! Additionally having a chevron shelter having completely spherical edges additionally!

20. Colourful Pallet Bar

pallet rack fork entry bar
supply: 101palletideas.com

An ideal bar store has been put in right here with pallets and woven straw mats, having additionally a roof put in with pallets slats and there are colourful lights which makes it a giant pleasure to view at evening additionally! There are customized pallet made artwork indicators and symbols and likewise some outdated supplies used as excellent accents to reinforce the visible of the bar!

21. Chill Pallet Bar

pallet pry bar youtube
supply: 101palletideas.com

22. American Pallet Bar

pallet pry bar video
supply: 101palletideas.com

23. Double Pallet Bar

pallet pry bar uk
supply: 101palletideas.com

24. Crimson-White Pallet Bar

pallet pry bar lowes
supply: 101palletideas.com

25. Repost Pallet Bar

pallet pry bar australia
supply: 101palletideas.com

26. Straight Pallet Bar

pallet pry bar 2.0
supply: 99pallets.com


27. Fridge Pallet Bar DIY

pallet outdoor bar plans
supply: feelitcool.com

28. Glowing Up Pallet Bar

pallet outdoor bar ideas
supply: 101palletideas.com

29. Elegant Pallet Bar (2)

pallet mini bar ideas
supply: unknown

Easy, swift, graphic.

Picket Pallet Bar Ideas

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