11 Color Combinations Guide: Colors that Go With Purple

The color purple is as inviting as it is mysterious. Like many secondary colors, it brings into play the power of its parents (in this case, red and blue) to form its own identity in the color spectrum. Purple integrates blue’s fundamental stability and calmness with red’s energy and zest to create a visual sense of luxury, creativity, power, and magic. This short article will examine several concepts of colors that choose purple, and we’ll talk about why each combination works.

what colors go with violet purple

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1. Purple + Pink + Orange

When purple wants to shine, it can do it on its own. But, better yet, it invites some nearby color wheel neighbors and truly gets out there into the visual area. Purple, pink, and orange develop an enthusiastic, energetic mix that quickly, and loudly, states, “We more than happy to be here, you’re welcome.” It’s always crucial to work in the grounding color black in an area with such lively visual, to kind of balanced out the possible to overwhelm.

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2. Purple + Bronze

From wedding events to makeup to interior design, a purple and bronze color palette is exceptionally popular. This is most likely because the colors on their own are aged to perfection, magnificent, yet with the tiniest glimmer of spunk and shine. Because bronze is one of the darker of the metal tones, deep purple can be paired for a moody, significant result, or a paler version of purple can be utilized for lightening the atmosphere but in a stylish, full-grown method.

what colors go with purple in a wedding

3. Purple + Plum

Utilizing two tones of purple in the very same space– a cool blue purple and a warm red purple like plum– creates this incredibly glamorous visual. Purple is deep and dramatic but is still approachable; when you include both ends of the color temperature level spectrum, you’re able to capture a variety of impactful visual candy. Of course, balancing the combo out with some cream also assists.

what colors go with purple in a bathroom

4. Purple + Lime Green

A very popular color combination in nurseries for a long period of time, purple (particularly lavender) and lime green comprised an excellent yin and yang for color. A little tart combined in with a lot of sweet. The color pairing is still exceptionally popular and efficient, however not simply in nurseries anymore, as these Alex Andrite graphic cabinets can attest. Go with some interesting pattern, and do not be afraid to go deep with some of your purple in this pairing.

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5. Purple + Mint Green

Rich, saturated purple plays an important function when combined with more watery greens, such as sage or mint green. The neutral-ish greens naturally take the background role while purple advances; this produces such a fascinating dynamic when the real execution of the colors is reversed, and purple is utilized as an accompanying color to green. Regardless, the combination feels sophisticated and tactile.

what colors go with purple eyes

6. Purple + Gray

Exuding elegance, smartness, and gorgeous effectiveness, grey and purple never ever looked so put-together as on this Bernhardt swivel chair table. But recognizing grey as an ideal color that opts for purple is a no-brainer, actually. With an industrial, utilitarian core, gray lays a solid foundation of color that’s pleading to be dressed up with a tested color like purple. I love the smoothness of this piece combined with the usefulness of its design.

what color walls go with purple curtains

7. Purple + Pink + Gray

Pink and purple go together implicitly and without question or need for description, at least for most of little girls worldwide. They make a beautiful almost ombre pairing in the design world, too, especially when the combination can be supported with today’s neutral of option, grey. The triple color combination is unassuming and merely enjoyable, for more youthful and older areas alike.

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8. Purple + Olive Green

A cool shade of purple, with more blue/indigo undertones than red or yellow ones, will warm up perfectly when paired with a color like olive green. As a cross between brown and green as well as yellow, olive green is as earthy as it gets, which makes the unlikely duo a nice color pair. Obviously, using some other darker neutrals (such as ebony and charcoal) assist the combination feel balanced and grounded.

what color that match with purple

9. Purple + Mustard

As a color whose history is storied in royal lines, it might seem odd that it pairs so well with an “off” color like mustard. However the reality is, purple and yellow are complementary colors (living throughout from each other on the color wheel), which indicates they will always match well. (Read Too: 10 Blue Dining Room Ideas You Can Try)

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10. Purple + Taupe

I know exactly what you might be thinking: every color chooses taupe. This holds true, due to the fact that taupe is a neutral among neutrals. However, that does not change that, when coupled with taupe, purple reigns like royalty. From grape juice purple to burgundy and all the purple tones in between, all of these colors work to brighten the taupe area they might find themselves in due to the fact that taupe typically has a tip of purple undertones in it anyhow.

what color goes with purple the best

11. Purple + Pink + Red

Practically comparable colors, this color scheme instills an area with cohesive energy and femininity. In their bolder tones, the colors that go with purple are not only edgy, however they are likewise stimulating and vibrant. When the combination is given a softer tint, the colors veer towards sweet taste that makes more sense with an abundance of natural light.

Purple Colors Best Combinations

Plum + Lime Green + Pale Cobalt Blue + Winter White

Here’s a clean, summery purple color chart. It would be perfect for a bedroom or living-room that gets a lot of sun. Lime green and bluish purple are opposing colors on the 4-primary color wheel, and lime green is the only warm color in this chart. You could warm up the whole color combination by painting an accent wall in lime green (instead of in plum).

Best wall colors: White, pale pistachio.
Best wood discolorations: Limed oak, birch, natural maple.

Natural Linen + White + Berry + French Lavender + Deep Purple

Nothing says “bed & breakfast in Provence” like this purple color scheme! It’s a very robust color combination that cannot actually fail – as long as you use warm neutrals with your lavender hues, like milky whites (instead of bleachy-bluish ones), in addition to raw linen, hessian, or burlap.

Best wall colors: Creamy white, écru, pale rosy lavender.
Finest wood stain: Walnut.

Olive green + pale gold + pomegranate red + putty + plum + duck-egg blue

Purple is frequently viewed as a ‘luxury’ color, however in combination with dirty olive green and soft duck-egg blue it takes on a different character altogether. To heat up a purple color chart like this ’40s British’ combination, simply increase the amount of warm red (add brick red, red ocher or charred orange) along with olive green.

Best wall colors: Cream, pale duck-egg blue, light putty gray.
Best wood discolorations: Teak, oiled oak.

Dirty blue-green + bordeaux + grey increased + buttermilk + charcoal + teal

This wine color scheme has a wintry feel to it. I in some way see it on deep, comfortable chairs in front of a Victorian fireplace. Both the bordeaux and grey rose hover between warm and cool; teal and its lighter brother or sister, dusty turquoise, are ‘cool greens’. (Charcoal and buttermilk are really even-tempered neutrals).

To warm up interior color mixes like this one, use accents (e.g. wall art, cushions) in scorched orange or rust. This will move the feel of the whole color scheme from cool( ish) to warm:

Best wall color: Chalky white.
Finest wood discolorations: Dark Mahogany, antique oak.

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