6 Best Ceiling Texture Types for Home Interior

Choosing between various ceiling texture types can be quite hard. Sometimes you opt for what you think is best but you will be surprised by how much it costs you. Therefore, it is important to know your budget and the type of ceiling texture your house needs. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Seamless Ceiling Texture

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Another alternative pattern is this unique twist of seamless ceiling texture. This is an amazing Victorian design that meets dots and brown color. You can make the most out of the ceiling’s matte finish that it has.

If you have a room in the house that needs something regal and elegant, this texture is perfect. It is also an inspiration for those who do not like a plain, white room. Whoever enters the room will be amazed by this expensive ceiling look.

Retro Popcorn Ceiling Texture Concepts

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One of the most familiar textures of the ceiling is retro popcorn. You cannot have a more retro look than this design of the popcorn ceiling along with the stucco that is swirled. The design is more unintentional and random but has a sleek concept.

The overall impact will make it as a highlight in your house. The intended patchy and random pattern can be great together with almost anything

Brush Concepts Ceiling Texture

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You can take this good idea by using a brushed swipe design for your plain ceiling along the same lines. It can be blended with something like stucco swirl, spray, or popcorn texture and make it a bit different with a brushed look.

Once you finish the look, you can still see the blending between the texture and smooth. Those are the design that can create a professional, elegant look for your ceiling easily.

Ceiling Texture Spray Concepts

This will draw your attention for the right reason if you are fond of a swirled stucco look. This texture can have lovely peaks, but you can have it without the swirl if you want a classic look. This ceiling texture is ideal if your house will not be affected by swirls.

Slap Brush Ceiling Texture

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Do you need something unique for your ceiling? Maybe you can try this knockdown look. This slap brush ceiling texture is the joint substance of plaster. The plaster comes in various directions. When you use the roller, the look has different big tops standing starting from the area of the wall surface.

Knockdown Ceiling Texture

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Finally yet importantly, this ceiling texture fits with the drywall surface. The finishing look will depend on the structure you pick on the area as well as the design. If you pick the right area, make sure that this ceiling texture can be applied well. You can repaint the area first, too.

You need a professional helper to complete the drywall since it is not an easy job. You must follow some procedures and only the professional can do that. This type of texture will give the same feel as the popcorn design, but it is in the form of a big texture.

Whatever ceiling textures you are going to apply, make sure it fits your budget and the area of the house you pick meets the requirement that the ceiling texture needs. Good luck!

Ceiling Texture Types

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