Smart Bathroom Tile Pattern Ideas that Go Together

The bathroom will not be the first place you want to show to your guests among other rooms. However, it should not encourage you not to decorate it with the best tiles you can come up with. Choosing the right bathroom tile patterns is necessary, anyway.

Of course, plenty of bathroom tiles come in various shapes, sizes, and prices as well. With so many options available, bathroom tiles can be arranged with unique patterns that will embellish your floor and walls in the bathroom.

Ceramic with Conceret Tiles


The concrete surface shows its charm in this bathroom mixed with ceramic tiles. One wall has a beautiful ceramic pattern. It makes a huge contrast with the concrete one. The golden element from the shelves, mirror, and vanity bring a luxury feel.

The bathroom cabinet has no doors or windows. It is a straightforward design yet nicely fits here.

Glossy Appearence


Glass-ceramic tiles are known to have a glossy surface, making them a have smooth and attractive look. They would give a ravishing look and can be arranged with a variety of patterns.

Mixing them with other tiles is also possible. There is rectangular-shaped storage with hexagonal tiles in black. This pattern can be your best option when you love something that is not too complicated in detail or style.

Stone Tiles Beauty


Despite the price that costs a fortune, stone tiles are quite popular due to their aesthetic look. Their distinctive forms and colors are what make people adore them. The bathroom can be decorated with a full-scale stone tiles application from floor to wall.

Stone tiles offer natural looks with long-lasting beauty and are durable. Some qualities that stone tiles possess makes many homeowners end up choosing them.

Old-Fashioned Look


If you are fond of rustic charm for your bathroom, quarry tiles can provide you that. They would be a good choice for a low budget bathroom as they are cheaper than other materials such as ceramic or stone stiles.

It will not be a time-consuming job to carry if you keep it as simple as in this picture. It is a one-themed floor with one same material and a straightforward style after all. Quarry tiles are also said to match for both wet and dry places too.

ٍSubway Tile


The bathroom looks causal and pretty with subway tile walls. The white tone reflects lighting and does the trick for making a cramped bathroom appear larger. White also has a connotation of a clean and relaxed state.

Rustic Ambience


Wooden shiplap walls with classic lights and a round mirror demonstrate a sense of rustic ambiance. They picture an unspoiled environment, which reminds of living in the countryside.

A blend of the quarry with granite tiles is an ideal plan for creating a rustic modern bathroom idea. Adding a carpet would complement the warmth feeling the bathroom tries to depict.

Have a Good Plan


A design will be perfect when looked from many aspects of the ideas and materials that go together. They should also be executed to meet the expectation you had planned in the first place.

Therefore, if you are not sure about what materials and concepts to choose, you can ask an expert in this particular field. It is good to know what you want for the bathroom. This can be a smart move to prevent you from getting disappointed.

It can be denied that bathroom tile patterns hold a crucial point. They can improve or ruin the appearance of the bathroom if applied with a poor move.

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