8+ Awesome Ideas to Build Charming Cape Cod House

Eager to revive the early 20th-century American architecture in your property? Cape Cod house style may be the best option. In the middle of futuristic and quirky house design trends, the simple charm of this home remains undeterred.

Cape Cod style has several basic design elements. It flaunts rectangular style, steep roof, double windows with multiple panels, shingled sides, shutters, and simple architectural lines. The front side looks symmetrical, with windows that flank a door. The interior consists of main living areas that are connected to each other, usually without permanent walls.

Cape Cod is loved for its simplicity and often becomes a favorite first house for the young couple. However, these design ideas will transform a regular house into a beautiful sanctuary.

The two-story “blue sky” house

This two-story house brings Cape Cod house to the next level. The classic symmetrical front reminds you of British colonial houses. The vintage-style building received modern treatment with sky blue and white paint jobs, reflecting the clear summer sky. The house also has two terraces that provide modest exterior space. Stone planters with colorful flowers make the house brighter.

source: dreamstime.com

Classic Puritan house

This house recreated a typical house of Puritan populations among the early American colonies. The house has symmetrical front, with three window panes on the steep ceiling. However, instead of a modest residential building, this house was extended to both sides with modern style influence. The wings have flat roofs that serve as balconies. The living areas are connected to each other without partition walls, channeling the communal style of early American houses.

source: idesignarcht.com

Large family beach house

This beach house is large enough to accommodate a family, with perfect size for social events or entertainments. While the front is not exactly symmetrical, it still shows visual balance. The multiple window panes on the front, sides, and second floor provide great views of the beach and surrounding trees. The lawn is utilized as a place for social gathering, with wooden chairs arranged in a circular design.

source: homebunch.com

Cape Cod living room

This living room has a modern twist of Cape Cod house interior. The room has modest basic colors of beige and khaki. The sofa set has simple patterns and neutral shades, and the other furniture items are made of slightly dark wood. Table lamps were placed on several spots to provide softer, more intimate lighting.

source: pinterest.com

Cape Cod kitchen

This Cape Cod kitchen has a typical farmer family house style. The colors are modest and muted. The kitchen island provides a spacious work surface. A circular table with two chairs provides a nice place to have tea or coffee with snacks, so you don’t have to use the larger dining room. The white cabinets and countertop are adorned with flower pots and colorful ceramic plates.

source: shouternliving.com

Elegant Cape Cod-style bathroom

This bathroom reflects the simple elegance of a Cape Cod house. White dominates the ceiling, walls, and furniture. The mirror and cabinets reflect the symmetrical look of the house. The decorations are modest and mostly consist of natural elements such as potted plants, woven basket, and starfish ornaments. Try pairing this bathroom with a sandpapered floor.

source: fantasyfantasywild.ud

Cape Cod backyard

This backyard reflects the typical Cape Cod style characteristics: sandpapered stone floor, muted colors, and modest decorations. Rattan furniture and garden provide rustic charm, and two lounge chairs with pillows offer additional space for relaxing.

source: shouternliving.com

Luxurious living room with fireplace

If you want to create even more authentic Cape Cod style inside, add a fireplace. It is a staple feature in all early colonists’ homes in the US because of the harsh winter. This luxurious living room retains the classic look with the fireplace, large windows, and an intimate seating area. However, the modern elements come from the sleek fireplace design, modern lighting fixtures, and high-quality furniture with patterned cushions.

source: bostonmagazine.com

The classic door (with a modern touch)

One door and (at least) two flanking windows is a typical Cape Cod house front look. The door may have additional glass panels that allow you to look outside. The door consists of one panel, and it usually has dark or neutral colors. Even if you have a more modern approach to a Cape Cod design, this typical look will bring that classic charm.

source: simplyfutbol.com

A Cape Cod house is the perfect sanctuary for the lovers of vintage architecture. Bring the classic Americana to your house by applying these design characteristics.


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