DIY Home Theater – 6 Things You Should Look Into When Decorate DIY Home Theater

The newest trend is playing around with different ideas to offer you a fresh take on the standard options on what you find waiting for you in your home decor stores. If you’re looking to get into a little project for DIY, than what better way to start with than a basement home theater? You’ve already got the great screen and the room to make it into something truly amazing, so why not consider the idea of seating that is going to make it perfect?

The best way to do it on a budget is to look at a DIY pallet home theater. Sure, we get that you might be feeling skeptical right now, but once you see how it is going to look all together, you’ll be so glad that you checked it out. And, you won’t be able to wait to design one for yourself.  Let’s take a look at how you can make it into an incredible creation all of your own.

Test it first


The ideal way to start this DIY home theater project is to have a blank space. Maybe it’s a recently finished portion of your basement, or it’s a section that you’ve cleared out entirely. Using props with accurate measurements. You should make sure that you like how the space is going to work in the space that you’ve got.

There’s nothing worse than getting to the final step of putting all parts in the room to find that they don’t fit. Yes, seriously. So, grab your props and make sure the room is going to be comfortable with the finished design. Pay special attention to the leg room on the pallets and the distance from the TV screen.

Make sure the acoustics are working

drywall basement home theater

When you get the room ready, you’re going to want to focus on acoustics for a rich sound.  Make sure the walls are all covered in drywall and try to pick a space that has very few windows if possible. Don’t worry about putting sound absorbing markers or sound-proofing the space .

This is an amateur creation and you don’t want the added expense of that part. You’ll find that the sound will be good with the simple use of drywall and no windows.

Tier the pallets


When it comes to the pallets, you’ll want to make them into risers or bleachers by tiering them in levels from the back of the first one to the front of the second one, and so on. You’ll need to properly support the bases of each level, but when you get it done right, it’ll offer you the properly framed, safe tiered pallets that offer the right base for your creation.

The ideal base is a series of other pallets, as they are going to be the same strength as the ones you are using, after all. Don’t go too far, perhaps three layers maximum to make sure no one injures themselves if they fall off the edge for some reason.

Leave leg room


In creating the tiers, make sure you leave leg room!  This is a common DIY mistake and you need to focus on the idea that home theater seating should always be comfortable for those with long limbs. So, make sure that you do the same. Consider double-depth pallets, or look at halving a second one to leave extra room. Do what feels right and remember that you’re going to be able to create the perfect look and feel, which is important.

Focus on making them comfortable with soft furnishings


With the pallets, you’ll want to make them plenty comfortable.  You can do it with fabric and batting, or use mattresses, or a series of stitched-together pillows.  The point is to make sure they are enjoyable spaces that your friends can lounge on and enjoy. Don’t forget soft blankets!

Keep your colours bright and light


Finally, your home theater room needs to be bright with colour or a simple white base.  The room should have no windows, so you’ll have to reflect the light as much as possible using your own colour accents.  The pallets can be whatever colour you want, black for example, but the walls should be bright to reflect and attract light properly.

Creating a DIY home theater using wooden pallets is going to be all about creativity and overall enjoyment.  Make it into whatever you want with these tips to guide you towards making all of the right choices.

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