Interior Design Ideas Small Apartment that Reflects Your Character

Either a house or an apartment, one should present interior design ideas with the best decoration he/she can think of. Interior design ideas small apartments are certainly essential.

Those ideas could accentuate any spaces or corners, for sure. A small apartment needs wise decoration or design. You may want it to look a bit larger and comfortable but not too much at the same time.

1. Embrace White

source: Pinterest

People often use white to represent a comfortable feeling. In this room, white becomes a huge influence as it encompasses the wall. The bright wall tone matches the furry carpet on the wooden floor.

The gray couch along with throw pillows brings a cozy nuance and fit the white scheme. Some flowers and greenery always become a solution to enhance a room’s aesthetic.

2. Signature of Style


This room reduces the light amount and bright colors that result in such a balance. The proportion of white and dark tones applied here is interesting. The dark tone, surrounded by the white, infuses a mysterious side of one’s personality.

It creates a signature look for the owner. A blend of masculinity and peace comes from the dark shade and white window curtains. Looking above, the space feels spacious, as the ceiling is high.

3. Increase the Warmth

source: Pinterest

Lighting will always be a vital part when adorning a space. It can make a small space feel welcoming and relaxing. The natural light pierces through to the middle of the room. It adds a neutral and warm atmosphere here.

A lying carpet upon the wooden floor shows the warmth. The chairs embrace the warmth with a wooden element. The bookracks complete the living in a comfortable place idea.

4. Lighten Up

White and bright colors dominate the room. It looks bold in white with the walls left nearly empty, without any adornments. It creates a simple and straightforward style with only a few tones exist.

A hilarious quote on the wall will keep the room entertaining when you look at it. That can be a fun way of decorating the room when you find other interiors are just common.

5. Neutral Look


With the room offering a neutral look, it is a fun space to live in. It has many windows to let in light and fresh air. As seen in the picture, the room features a wonderful hidden bed idea.

That works perfectly when you are trying to save some space. If you are fond of such a neutral tone, this room is an ideal place for you. Nevertheless, try to paint it also with any color you would be delighted with.

6.  Hidden Storage

Everybody needs space and storage. One must include it when maximizing a small space. The designer shows his brilliant idea by turning the stairs as magical storage.

He also creates a workplace under the bed with a table and a chair. The floor itself is satisfying to watch with its beautiful pattern and glossy surface that reflects the lights.

Interior design ideas small apartments can reflect one’s personality. The choices you make would reveal your true character.

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