7 Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartment

If you’ve got a small apartment, you don’t need to find yourself limited in any way when it comes to the options that you’ve got available in interior design.

The thing about small apartment decoration is that you need to think outside of the box – have fun with shapes and hiding options such as foldaway beds. There is so much more than you can do with a small space than you’re thinking now, and we’re looking forward to showing you just how it is all going to work in your favour.

To start you off on the general side, you can look at something like these tips to get you started in moving in the right direction for the apartment interior design that is going to be refreshing but eternal, too, without any kind of upkeep or changes needed.

Use light colours: Don’t go for dark colours that are going to make the space too small.  Instead rely on light ones such as off-white or even a pure white.  This will lighten up the dark spaces of the apartment and transform it properly, just as you are going to want.

Or, try bright colours: If you really don’t like neutrals such as a warm white, than you can go the exact opposite and go with bright and rich colours such as jewel shades.  Be careful not to go with anything too dark, though, for obvious reasons.  When choosing the right rich shade it will add some personality and fun to the space available.

If you like that idea but aren’t entirely sure it’ll work, than you can do whit walls and then one accent wall with a bright shade of colour.  That will give you the same effect and will really transform the room perfectly.

Have fun with storage options: The true best thing about small apartment interior design is that you’ll be able play around with all sorts of unique and creative storage ideas and options for your own benefit.  Really have fun with this and search for the right kind of character-rich space.

Make it yours: Last but not least, make the space entirely your own.  You need to put some rich design aspects into it so that you can see that your customization is going to leave your personal thumbprint.

This is great for seeing that you can transform every space with your own decor, you just need to make sure that you have the right kind of ideas and thought processes to steer you in the right kind of direction.  Enjoy the adventure and have fun with all of the aspects that are available to you.

Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas

So, now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at some of the best options out there that are going to get you thinking the right way to see how you can really transform the space that you’ve got available to you.  You may find that they all teach you something, which is the best part about the decor.

source: Pinterest

This is just one example of a way for you to refresh a space using white.  The white furry rug is going to give you the comfort that you’re looking for, and you’ll be able to enjoy the snuggly feeling it’ll show you.

 The throw pillows on the neutral sofa are great for adding in some shades of brown and combining them with white as well.  From the walls to the curtains, you can see how this room really comings together using similar tones but also going bold with the sofa colour.

The space us fresh and modern so that it can give a little something ot everyone who wants something to admire and feel comfortable in the space.

source: home-designing.com

More neutral, this one relies on using bright and fresh modern colours that are going to really show a unique side to the room.  The dark curtains, the dark tones of the living room furniture make this a serious space, but still one that is rich with personality.

This is a way for you to make sure that you are making do with as many natural features as possible so that you can accentuate them.  The rug by the table and the couch is the perfect accent to bring all pieces together with texture, colour, and comfort.  Pretty neutral but still effective on its own.

source: Pinterest

Much more reliant on the idea of adding some colour and pizzazz to the tiny space.  Twin bookshelves on either side of the window add some memorable effects in the room, including uniformity and organization which always works well with a smaller space.

The rug is dark, but since the rest of the room is so bright, you’ll be able to see how it picks up on the natural light parts and adds some depth to the room.  The furniture is well coloured and oriented around the source of natural light.  The pictures on the wall are great for adding some colour and custom tastes to the walls.

This is all about neutral white like we talked about before.  It will really lighten up the space and you can see how it works with the natural light that comes into the room, too.  The only colour is in the wall script in the far part of the open concept room.  If you love colour, than you can add it into the space using accent colour pops such as cookware and towels.  It’s fun and transformational and will do a lot for the tiny apartment.

source: luigisbarbados.com

This is practical and fun and can really add that sense of character to the room that you’re looking for.  Enjoy as a storage option like in this example, or you can use it for decor.  The point is to enjoy it and use it as you see is best for your own personal tastes.  You can leave the wood grain natural like this, or stain or paint it and even look at distressing it however you want to.  Lots of options!

source: home-designing.com

This is all about smart storage. The wood grain in this cozy apartment interior design is warm and snuggly, but the bed will pull out and give you the comfort that you’re looking for in the area. It allows you to hide clutter and not have ot work around it during the day. This is a great example of how simply apartment interior design can do a lot for a space that you are hoping to work with for the most benefit.

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