7 Astounding Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

Are you planning to decorate your living room? Then, you should consider trying a shabby chic style. People define this style by antique furniture or furnishing mixed with pastel and other neutral colors.

Though it sounds traditional, it is cozy and classy where the modern style can blend perfectly with rustic, vintage style. Scroll down to find seven astounding shabby chic living room ideas that might suit your living room.

Shabby Chic Texture


This living room looks so cozy with many fluffy pillows and blanket. A coffee table with hidden storage made of wicker serves more room for some bottles of wine and glasses. It is right between the white couch, making it the focal point of the space.

Shelves are hanging onto the wall to serve personal space. The owner adds potted flowers in some corners for refreshing ambiance. The combination of neutral and natural colors in this room is so chic and elegant.

Blue Chic Living Room


If the white color is less interesting to you, try to go with other different colors. Blue wall combined with the colorful artworks brings cheerful to the room, while golden ornaments draw more interest.

The distressing floor goes in harmony with the patterned rug and aged fireplace that keep the rustic feeling strong. Though contains different colors, everything in this living room just looks well combined.

Classy Shabby Chic


Distressed color is one of the features of shabby chic style, and that is what you can see on the floor. The vintage long table that can turn into a bench is a multifunctional feature you should be thankful for.

You could strongly feel the classic ambiance here. Couches with lace, wooden chairs, and all of the furniture bring us traveling to the past, long time ago before now. It is such a great design to flashback to childhood time.

Rustic Chic


Shabby Chic design does not always mean to look old with a distressed look. It can look as modern as this one too.

Fluffy seats with some cozy fur pillows rest over the hardwood flooring. A heap of wood is always ready to burn in the fireplace to fill the space with warmth. A mid-frame of art accompanies the rustic brick wall while another wall displays a collection of photos.

Chic Modern Living Room


You will find it more relaxing to be in an airy chic living room, so keep the space open and away from clutters.

A large L-shaped sofa and some units of the small seats sit on the tiles flooring, creating a cozy place to gather with family. Floor-to-ceiling windows display the green trees outside to bring you closer to nature.

Romantic Chic Living Room


Create an intimate ambiance with this design. L-shaped sofa with fur pillows over it sits on the same tone of a fur rug. Meanwhile, you could combine the white frame windows with soft pink curtains. They match the walls that create a romantic vibe.

Pink Roses

Pretty pink floral combined with clean white and green pastel creates a feminine and warm ambiance to the room.

A white coffee table with candles and a pot of sweet roses is facing a modern sofa topped by floral pillows. Not to forget the flower curtains that draw the eyes right to the windows.

Candles are right in the corner to light up the room, while in another corner is placed a piano with some frame of pictures on the top.

Those are seven astounding shabby chic living room ideas you should consider to try. Either a retro or a contemporary look, you can always mix them in shabby chic style.

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