15+ Rustic Bedroom Furniture Ideas You’ll Love

In the era of sleek, modern design, rustic style is still favored for its old-school charm. Rustic bedroom furniture, for example, reflects the simpler and homie appeal of a farmhouse. Such furniture items will reflect the warm and simple charm of rural life, creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

There are various typical furniture items you can get to create a rustic bedroom. Here are some good ideas:


Once a typical rural lifehack, a quilt’s colorful and rustic charm now makes any bedroom look more comfortable. This colorful quilt, for example, matches perfectly with the white bed and bedroom’s woody tones.

source: memorabledecor.com

You can choose similar patchwork patterns for the pillows. This bed has quilt blanket that covers half of its surface, and pillows complement it with similar shades. The pillows don’t have the same patterns as the blanket, but the colors and pattern shapes are there.

source: fabrizioristorante.com

Woven carpet

Woven carpet’s manufacturing technique makes both sides of its surface usable. It is also easier to clean than regular carpet. Nowadays, you can find woven carpet with the more modern look. This carpet, for example, has geometric patterns that go well with the bedroom’s neutral tone.

source: wordcarspicture.com

This woven carpet does not have noticeable patterns, but it has subtle lines that came from its manufacturing technique. The neutral grey looks great in a relaxing bedroom, especially when paired with wooden wall and floor.

source: pinterest.com

Oak furniture

This bedroom has an old-school charm, thanks to the oak bed, nightstand, floor cabinet, mirror frames, and wardrobe. Decorated headboard adds strong character to the bed. Floral prints, vases, and soft woody tones make this bedroom even more comfortable.

source: evafurniture.com

Blue shades and nature

Bringing relaxing nature and blue shades are other great ways to create rustic charm. This bedroom uses rough stone walls and a mini tree to create natural elements. The bed and headboard have a vintage style, with traditional floral patterns on the blanket and pillows.

source: apron-hana.com
source: freshdesignidea.com

Cries as well as greens represent the tranquillity (blue) as well as the relaxing aroma of plants (environment-friendly) in the country. It is likewise very kicking back for the eyes.This bedroom has a more “natural” design approach. The walls have soft blue color, with a washed effect to emphasize farmhouse look. The furniture is bare, except for the bed, nightstand, cabinets, and wardrobe. Flower pots dominate the rest of the room. Large windows bring in natural light and create a dream-like atmosphere.

Generous natural light sources

A farmhouse often has large windows to bring in natural light. You can use this trick in your modern bedroom by installing large windows. This bedroom uses a series of glass panel windows to bring in natural light. The floral curtains are light, and they match perfectly with the bedspread, rug, wooden closet, and high ceiling.

source: joanerusso.com

Washed white as the base color

Washed white looks rustic in a classic way, and you can pair it with any accent colors. This bedroom uses a washed white as a bed frame, nightstand, dressing table, and mirror frame. However, different textures from various materials help to balance all the whiteness, preventing “empty” look.

source: sancarlosimports.com
source: pampatiles.com

You can also use white as the main color, like this vintage bedroom. The walls, furniture, and bedspread are white, but things such as metal frames, chandelier lamp, red carpet, and floral patterns balance it.


A traditional fireplace is a surefire way to create a rustic feeling. This bedroom uses wooden beams to frame the fireplace, which is similar to the ceiling beams. The other bedroom uses rough stone slabs to surround the fireplace, balancing the wooden ceiling and classic furniture.

source: xecc.com
source: pinterest.com

Bed bench

Adding a bench to the end of the bed provides rustic touch, especially if you choose vintage bench. You can also use a storage chest as a bench, creating a multipurpose furniture item. This bedroom uses an upholstered chest as a bench.

source: theenz.com

Another good idea to use a padded bench from dark wood, with legs to emphasize the rustic look. You can also choose an actual old wooden chest as a bench.

source: badotcom.com
source: baconshirts.com

The right lamps

There are several ways to create a rustic look with lighting fixtures. You can choose simple yellow bulbs, or use natural materials to support the lighting fixtures, such as horns, wooden beams, or timber.

source: houzz.com
source: jasonyost.me
  1. Bookshelves

Finally, bookshelves are great additions to any rustic home. Simple wall shelves can look rustic with the addition of old-school clocks and old pictures. You can also use actual old wood to create wall shelves, further complementing your rustic bedroom.

source: decoist.com
source: pinterest.com

You can apply these rustic bedroom ideas to create a comfortable bedroom. Get an old-school sanctuary by choosing rustic touch for your room.

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