Nordic Inspiration: 7 Incredible Scandinavian Living Room Designs

Are you crazy about Scandinavian interiors? Implementing Scandinavian living room designs with smart functionality will give a great first impression to your guests.

To know exactly how to infuse a room that is the pleasing aesthetic of Nordic style, here we present smart guides to create extraordinary Scandinavian living room designs. Let us know which one becomes your favorite!

Maximize Your Minimalist Design

A good room arrangement will make your furniture look great. If you apply minimalist design, try to find proper furniture that is not only decorative but also multi-purpose.

For example, this living room features a Gyro focus fireplace. It is arranged in the corner as what Scandinavian homes commonly have. Its unique design enhances the beauty and attracts your guests’ attention.

Think About the Functional Use of Furniture

Decorating a living room does not mean that it should be fully furnished. Keep in mind that the Scandinavian interior focuses on simplicity and functionality. Let us see how a white ladder is repurposed to hang string lights. It also offers a more aesthetic look.

You can find an ottoman that functions as a storage solution. Then, a floating desk with drawers enables you to keep any clutter.

Go With Multiple Shades of Accent Colors

To get a sleek look, Scandinavian interiors blend contrasts and multiple shades. A gentle contrast design combines a lighter tone of white and darker tones of black, brown, and green.

Rich cognac leather sofas warm up this space, whereas sculptural branches on a black vase make it more organic. To liven up this living room, place some indoor plants.

Try a Mixture of Patterns and Textures

When it comes to decorating a Scandinavian living room, you should mix and match different patterns and textures as well. Those will give a powerful impact on your space.

This living room combines stripes, spots, and geometric patterns to create a great statement. Different shades of gray are applied on patterned pillows, while diamond-patterned rug gives textures to dark wooden flooring.

Bring White Base to Life with Accent Details

Neutral tones are mostly applied in the Scandinavian living room. If you choose white hue as a base, consider putting accent details with brighter tones. Those are to provide a high burst of colors.

However, do not be overwhelming because Scandinavian interiors rarely have colorful accent details.

Other choices are by placing black and gray accessories to be the hallmark. Black-and-white photography, bowl, and white flowers in glass vase serve as minimalist decorative accents. Black sculptural furniture and gray sofa evoke an impactful statement.

Consider Clean-Lined Furnitured as a Prominent Key

Scandinavian design is well known for clean lines. Simple and clean furniture probably feels uninviting and cold. However, a good furniture arrangement and decorative items create a cozy feeling while your guests start entering the room.

The sharp line of this modern black LED TV makes this room eye-catching. Soft brown and white storage cabinet keeps all things tidy.

The room features some decorative accents like sculptural branches in a transparent glass, wooden tripod floor lamp, and white ceramic vases.

Avoid High Contrast of Color Scheme

Keep your color schemes under control by opting for cool tones. For instance, play with soft blue, muted gray or white.

Have a look at that muted gray sofas, black-and-gray striped rug, and soft gray photographs make bright contrast to this space. To add elegance, oversized chandelier, flowers, and patterned pillows accentuate the area in harmony.

Do you have any idea to combine those flairs at home? Keep on combining simple elements to create flawless Scandinavian living room designs, as you desire.

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