7 Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is a crucial thing for a home. Not only to clean up ourselves but is it also a place for relaxing after dense activities. That is why it is important to make it clean and look good to use it comfortably.

There are many concepts you can try for your bathroom décor such as classic, industrial, simplistic, vintage, or modern.

However, if you are thinking of making a modern bathroom, check these seven stunning modern bathroom ideas out to find a more inspirational style.

Simplicity and Functionality

This bathroom design can be the best example for your modern bathroom.

The cabinetry is placed inside, giving more room to hide any clutter away. Wall-length windows in dark frames bring the natural light into the space while the marble countertop keeps going from traditional to modern design.

Built-In Nature Bathroom

Feel the accompanying of nature when soaking in this built-in tub!

Built on the upper floor with clean window glass, this bathroom offers the view of trees and mountains that will spoil you. While a wicker basket and seat add rustic ambiance, making it feel more authentic.

Greenery on the Wall

The simple design of a bathroom will be more alive when the greenery is brought inside. Not only does it enliven the room but also adding more texture as well as cleaning the air inside.

The usage of dark colors for the floor creates a grounding effect while the wooden chair strengthens the natural ambiance. Everything looks well combined with the white wall and tub.

Minimalist Modern Bathroom

If the size of your bathroom is not quite large, just go simple with this bathroom design. By placing the freestanding tub right next to the window, you can enjoy staring at the blue sky while soaking in foam.

For a more decorative accent, add one or two pots of plants.

Courtyard Black Bathroom

Is black your favorite color? You might be interested in this design. Surrounded by black walls with different textures, makes the tub as the focal point of the room.

The wooden patterned floor and ceiling bring organic feeling and it is supported by the green view in the courtyard, so it will not be monotonous. A wall-sized window allows the light to bring its warm and break the cold color of the room.

Luxury Bathroom

If you can stay in quite a long time in a simple bathroom, you would love to stay here for hours. The soft color of this bathroom design will help you relax more, and a mini-library right behind the door will spoil you while chilling.

Although having a similar shade, this bathroom has a different design on each wall, so it will not look overwhelmed.

Floating Tub

Not only play with the paint color, but you can also play with the light. L-shaped light is installed right underneath the tub panel, giving it the effect of a floating tub while a fluffy fur rug is laid on the floor, presenting a warmer look.

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy the outdoor beauty as well as letting the natural light brighten the space.

Which one of these seven stunning modern bathroom ideas you are ready to execute? Well, you do not have to decide in a second.

No matter which design you will choose, just be sure it fits the size of your bathroom so you can soak comfortably.

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  1. Great ideas! about furniture supplies,you are doing a great job,your blog is just superb thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Thanks for your great idea. Make a small bathroom look infinitely bigger with neutral colors that run along the floor, up the walls and even continue onto the bath. Make sure all light fittings have the correct IP rating for safe use in wet areas. A small bathroom can be stylish, practical and, with the right know-how, space-efficient. Have a good day.

  3. Really a heaven like a bathroom making ideas is given in this article. You are absolutely right that modern bathrooms need to be a simple and clean sensation. Below pictures are very pleasing and heart touching.

  4. Great ideas, I would really like an all white bathroom, with baby pink or baby blue blinds & large bathtub and a separate shower cubicle. Thanks for sharing.


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